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Who wants to see this old school thot from the 90’s?? Who wouldn’t – these Aisha Tyler nsfw pics are the crème de la crème! Now let’s learn a little bit about this sexy black actress before we start jerkin’ that gherkin, shall we?

  • Actress appearing on the Ghost Whisperer television series and also in the hit TV show Friends with Jennifer Aniston. She also starred in Archer as Agent Lana Kane, as a voice actor.
  • Aisha had a guest role on Modern Family.
  • During her studies at Dartmouth College she was a member of an all-female singing group.
  • In the series At the Movie with Ebert & Roeper, she appeared with Roger Ebert as a music critic.
  • In 1994, she got married to Jeff Tietjens, but in 2015 they separated.

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Dita Von Teese, Aisha Tyler and Heidi Klum might be able to move their magazines to other frequency, but we’ll all keep on reading about the naked photo scandal.

The pic in question appears to be Aisha Tyler’s, a CW daytime star. At first glance, it’s all right in the image, but then it snaps out of focus. Then it goes viral, and TV Guide magazine distributes the photo out for a month before apologizing for its failure to censor it, and one wonders why it broke its own rules about the inclusion of nude photos.

I have nothing against Tyler, who appears to be quite active on Twitter and at social and arts events, or at least as active as any TV personality. But here’s the question: Why on earth did she agree to do the photo? It’s not as if she had nude photos leaked online like so many other famous celebrities these days, so why agree to pose nude this time? 😀

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