Nadia Rose

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Yes, we’ve been excited for this next collection. If these Nadia Rose nsfw pics don’t get ya horny, you must be a mad man. Rose is a BAD girl and knows how to show off what the good lord gave her.

The South London rapper is best known for her single “D.F.W.T” and her sexy petite frame. The British beauty’s tight little curves and hot accent is a recipe for something tasty! If you know what we mean… Are you ready to see this spicy thang show off her goods?! Get that tissue box…

Nadia Rose big tits
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Here are a few facts about this bae:

  • Nadia Rose was born on June 11th, 1993 in Croydon, London.
  • She’s has lots of followers and admirers on her Instagram account @NadiaRoseMusic.
  • She calls herself “Nastiest Rose”.
  • Rose became famous when she opened up for the iconic rapper Busta Rhymes during his UK music festivals.
  • Section Boyz and Anderson & Paak are just a couple of the artists she has worked with.
  • Endorsed by popular brands such as Adidas, DKNY, and Beats by Dre.
  • Before she was famous, Nadia worked in a betting shop.
  • On her Twitter account she calls herself “Jodie Exotic” and states “a true musician is either dead or insane”.
  • Alicia Keys singed her.
  • Rose’s father was a DJ that performed in dance halls. Stormzy is her cousin.
  • By the time she was thirteen years old, Rose started to write her own rhymes.


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