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Paytas is an American Youtuber, model, actress, media personality and singer. Before she was famous, Trisha was a stripper living in Los Angeles and would also make money as an extra on several television series. You might also recognize her in Eminem’s music video “We Made You”.  Are you ready to see Trisha’s thot body uncovered?!

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  • Trisha Kay Paytas was born on May 8th, 1988 in Riverside, California.
  • Her Instagram account @TrishaPaytas has over 2.4 million followers.
  • On her Twitter she calls herself “your local internet hooker!”.
  • She also has a podcast entitled The Dish with Trish”.
  • Trisha’s TV and film credits include: Celebrity Big Brother, Double Divas, Wanderlust and To.get.her.
  • She’s mostly known for her vlogging and controversial videos on Youtube, which has close to 5 million subscribers.
  • Paytas is known to be one of the world’s fastest talkers of all time, speaking 710 words in under one minute.
  • In 2015 she started dating Sean Van Der Wilt, but the relationship didn’t last long. She continues to have an off and on relationship with comedian Jason Nash.
  • Kallii Metz is her half-sister who also has a Youtube channel.

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A few other facts about Paytas:

  • In the past, she has also been rumored to hook up with Roger Bart and Michael Anthony Hall.
  • Trisha came out as a lesbian in 2018.
  • She is of Hungarian descent and grew up in Illinois.
  • Paytas has released 35 singles including song “I Love You Jesus”, “Superficial Bitch”, “Fat Chicks”, “Freaky”, “Iconic”, “Damn I Look Good”, “Playground”, “Red Flags”, “I Hate My Life”, “Crazy and Desperate”, “Miss You In My Sheets”, “Hot Girl Christmas” and “Warrior”.
  • She’s appeared on many television shows such as The Price is Right, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jane by Design, Huge and Modern Family.